Sunday, August 26, 2007

review-Wahl Hair Straightener

Wahl Hair Straightener
No Stars
£20, Argos
Got this for Christmas, got impatient and tried it on my freshly washed, fairly dry afro. It was pathetic. But it did say I had to blow try the hair straight before.
Blow dry my hair straight BRFORE using a straightener?
I did it anyway.
The hair was straighter, but still slightly wavy, the overall effect was a bit crap. Probably because the plates are not ceramic, the total heating area is about 2 inches by 1 inch, and the plates are embedded in the body of the straightener, so after you pass your hair through the heart, it gets a rubdown with cold, black plastic.
Save your money.

review- Nubian Naturals Shea Moisturising Spray

Nubian Naturals Daily Moisture Hair Mist
Surprisingly sweet smelling for a shea butter product, seems water based, but my scalp didn’t seem to mind.
Great for reviving a dry scalp if you don’t feel like slathering on the pomade or shea butter.
Odly, my hair didn’t seem to like it - I think the fact that the shea butter was dissolved meant it wasn’t heavy enough to restore coils.

review-Oyin Greg Juice

Oyin Greg Juice


Water-based moisturiser.

Your hair will love it, your scalp will hate it. Smells amazing -very fruity- plenty of slip in the hair, but dries out the scalp - not so pleasant.

Great for reviving coils, adds shine.

review-Corioliss Hair Straightener

£80, Debenhams
The sales stand, complete with zesty (white) French salesman caught my eye. It’s a company owned by GHD, and interestingly, the salesman was willing to field test my hair.
He used a fine tooth comb to get rid of the colis, then passed a lock of hair through once, pretty slowly.
Amazingly it worked. Really worked, the result was bone straight, flexible hair.
He even put a curl in it.
I had to have it.
When I got it home, I tried it with wet hair (dried it a bit), towel dried hair (worked a treat) and on completely dry, but coiled hair, which I didn’t comb. Worked just the same.
The plates are completely ceramic, raised about 2 milimetres off the handle and are about 5 inches by 1 inch, which means you can get through quite a bit of hair quickly.
It has several heat settings, heats up quickly and doesn’t seem to be doing that much damage to my hair, even without heat protector - which I do eventually plan to invest in.
Well worth the money.

review-Nubian Naturals Hair and Scalp Elixir

Nubian Naturals mixed shea butter, soy milk, and vitamin E for a super moisturising oil - inspired.
And it works, if you use it sparingly (which is difficult to do with a squeexy bottle and a wide open nozzle. I made the mistake of using too much and has it dripping down my neck and into my eyes - it stings.)
Otherwise, great scalp moisturiser, wouldn’t put it in hair - far too greasy.

review-Anita Grant Creamy Cafe Late Whipped Butter

Another hand-made butter from Anita Grant. Smells like coffee and chocolate, delicious, I really wanted to spread this on a hunk of brioche.

The vibe is fabulous, that is, as long as you’re into the whole Starbucks beatuy vibe.

Thick, has more slip and generally works better with my hair texture when dry than the monoi, but the smell is very, very strong.

review- Anita Grant Manoi de Tahiti Whipped Butter


Anita Grant's butter smells fabulous - Monoi always does - but it felt thin and didn’t have much slip, didn’t do anything for my hair.
Probably better used on wet hair, and sparingly, unless you want to smell like you’ve been bathing in perfume.

Definitely better in wet hair. I put it in sopping wet, just-out-of-the-shower wet hair, and the texture - and moisture were beautiful. It seems to sop up the moisture and trap it. Three days later, I still had these strange droplets of water trapped between the coils closest to the scalp. Feels great, looks a bit weird.